Pros and Cons of Letting Your Little One Become a Member of the Scouts

Pros and Cons of Letting Your Little One Become a Member of the Scouts

As an organization, we are all aware of the underlying meaning that brings to the tag of being called a Scout. A sense of pride and commitment might enter our minds, to hear the fact that our little kid is part of the Scouts. But apart from all that, there are also other points that speak from the other side of the coin. Things may not go as planned, and everyone tends to realize aspects once they happen. Hence, to be more elaborative, here are all the pros and cons of letting your child become a member of the Scouts.


1. Goals

Goals or objectives are an essential part of being in this organization. Your child will be able to visualize its importance from a very young age. Towards the end, they tend to be motivated, as they strive hard to achieve all that counts in life. So by all means, they will be goal-oriented and will never stop until they get what they deserve.

2. Relationships

Relationships tend to help children go through life and face problems as they arise. The best way to learn that is through scouts as you will be put through a lot alongside your friends. By doing so, genuine and healthy relationships will be formed that also help your child mould his/her character to the fullest.

3. Skills

The kind of skills that a Scout learns will be helpful throughout their life. These effective sets of points come at the right time and will cope up problems in the proper manner.




1. Pressure

At times, being a Scout might mean a lot of pressure and that kind of feeling may not provide the right type of impact on a child. He/she might not be keen on carrying it forward and will not be able to express the same.

2. Costs

When it comes to costs, one cannot keep a tab on the kind of expenses that this activity demands. Apart from the annual fees, you will also have to shell out money for uniform, camps, fundraisers and so on.

3. Time

Your kid will be spending a lot of time with such activities, and thus the pressure comes into play. Through time, it can also be draining, and aspects might not be looking good for your little one.


Once you examine both sides, you will be able to make the right kind of decision. But before you do that, you need to remember to keep your child’s imagination and interest intact. Since their happiness makes all the difference, one should never forget to make them happy and comfortable in life.

Kevin A. Kreps

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